HDR - Habilitation

From about 2019-2021 I was working (part-time) on my HDR (habilitation à diriger des recherches) In many other European countries the HDR is called a habilitation, in case you are more familiar with this term. My HDR manuscript covers part of my work conducted between 2010--2020. Here are the details:

Micro Visualizations: Design and Analysis of Visualizations for Small Display Spaces

The topic of this habilitation is the study of very small data visualizations, micro visualizations, in display contexts that can only dedicate minimal rendering space for data representations. For several years, together with my collaborators, I have been studying human perception, interaction, and analysis with micro visualizations in multiple contexts. In this document I bring together three of my research streams related to micro visualizations: data glyphs, where my joint research focused on studying the perception of small-multiple micro visualizations, word-scale visualizations, where my joint research focused on small visualizations embedded in text-documents, and small mobile data visualizations for smartwatches or fitness trackers. I consider these types of small visualizations together under the umbrella term ``micro visualizations.'' Micro visualizations are useful in multiple visualization contexts and I have been working towards a better understanding of the complexities involved in designing and using micro visualizations. Here, I define the term micro visualization, summarize my own and other past research and design guidelines and outline several design spaces for different types of micro visualizations based on some of the work I was involved in since my PhD.

The defense will take place

Jury for the Defense:

Michèle SebagPresidentResearch Director, CNRS
David AuberReporterProfessor, Université de Bordeaux
Jason DykesReporterProfessor, City, University of London
Silvia MikschReporterProfessor, Vienna University of Technology
Steven DruckerExaminerPrincipal Researcher, Microsoft Research
Tamara MunznerExaminerProfessor, University of British Columbia

PhD Research

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