Multi-touch capabilities offer the opportunity for team members to manipulate both shared and individual instances of data representations concurrently. One important aspect of designing for concurrent interaction with information visualizations is the coordination of collaborators' interactions with individual views of the data. Since this coordination can take place at several different stages of the visualization pipeline-data, representations, presentation, or view level-making the stage at which coordination is taking place visually explicit may help provide awareness, which collaborators can use to flexibly coordinate their activities.

We integrate a representation of the information visualization pipeline into the shared workspace, thus explicitly indicating coordination points on data, representation, presentation, and view levels. This integrated meta-visualization supports both the awareness of how views are linked and the freedom for group members to work in concert or independently.


This image shows the visualization pipeline on the top, a representation of the dataset on the left, its visualization on the right, and the metavisualization in between.

This image shows several visualizations of the same dataset. Each are connected on different coordination points in the metavisualization. For example, the two views on the right, coordinate their presentation styles (e.g. color). The three views on the righ, coordinate only their layout style (e.g. all three show an icicle plot) while the image on the left can have a different layout since it is only coordinated according to the analytical abstraction step (where data is filtered away, for example).


This video explains the coordination through the meta-visualization in a bit more detail.

(:youtube WPPvSIXT94s:)

Download the video (.mov) (~20MB)


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