Creating a PDF from a Text File in Mac OS X

So your assignment says that you need to submit a ReadMe file with your application as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. How can this been done under Mac OS X? Here's how!!

Note: This HowTo was created under Mac OS X 10.4. Past/future versions of OS X should be similar, however not pretty exact.

To create your ReadMe as a PDF, you first need to write a ReadMe file. To do this, use TextEdit which can be found in the Applications folder.

Once you are finished with your ReadMe file and want to create a PDF, in TextEdit click on File from the top menu and select Print... from the drop down menu.

In the Print dialog box, click on the PDF button at the bottom left hand side of the dialog and select Save as PDF...

From here chose a name for your PDF (perhaps "ReadMe.pdf"), click Save. Job's done!