Classes for my Diplom Program at the University of Magdeburg

Classes I took in the Diplom program of Computational Visualistics at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Mathematics I for Computer Scientists1
Mathematics II for Computer Scientists2
Mathematics III for Computer Scientists3
Mathematics IV for Computer Scientists4
Computer Science:
Introduction to Algorithms and Datastructures I1
Logic for Computer Scientists I1
Introduction to Algorithms and Datastructures II2
Theoretical Computer Science for Computational Visualistics I3
Computergraphics Ib3
Topics of Computergraphics Ia3
Theoretical Computer Science for Computational Visualistics II4
Introduction to Image Processing IIb4
Topics of Image Processing IIa4
Software Project4
3D ComputerVision5
Databases I5
Simulation I5
Computergraphics II - Rendering6
Databases II6
Communication and Networks6
Seminar: Smart Graphics6
Multimedia Databases7
Internship: University of Calgary7
Interactive Systems8
Multimedia Technology8
3d Studio Max8
Introduction to Intelligent Systems9
Lecture: Smart Graphics9
Applied Subject :Medicine
Human Biologie1
Radiological Image Processing1
Human Biologie II. Introduction to Histology2
Radiological Image Processing II2
Radiological Image Processing III3
Microscopic Image Processing3
Medical Image Processing5
Medical Computational Visualistics6
Human Pathology I8
Human Pathology II9
General Visualistics:
Introduction to Political Science1
Industrial Design I1
Industrial Design II2
General Psychology I/22
General Psychology I/13
Introduction to the political system of Germany3
Introduction to Educational Science3
A de Tocqueville: About the democracy in America4
Seminar creativity techniques4
Interface Design5
Seminar VIPKARTE - visualization, presentation, creativity5
Seminar Movie Theory. Politics in the USA6
Seminar Movie Theory. Movies in political science and political education8
Political System of Germany: Computer Science and Society8
Fascism, Populism and Social Protest: Charismatic Leaders and their Followers in Comparison8