Things for Me to Remember


Some sizes you can shrink pictures to for priting on paper

Image to full width of A4 paper in portrait mode (21cm=8.3'' wide)
300dpi 2490px
600dpi 4980px


Attaching an event handler to ItemsSource WPF Dependency Property of a ListBox

(:source lang=C# :)

//Put this somewhere, e.g. the constructor after InitializeComponent TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(this.ListBoxInstance)["ItemsSource"].AddValueChanged(this.ListBoxInstance, new EventHandler(ListBox_ItemsSourceChanged));

//then add this method private void ListBox_ItemsSourceChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) {

     Console.WriteLine("Items Added");

} (:sourceend:)

Fire an event when the thumb on a WPF slider is released / the navigation on a slider has finished

(:source lang=XML :)

 <Slider Thumb.DragCompleted="Slider_DragCompleted" />


Compiled Stuff

  • Freetype 221 .libs and FTGL .libs and .dlls compiled under VS 6.0 download here (4.5 MB). Working linking combination for me under VS2005 (debug compilation): freetype221MT_D.lib ftgl_dynamic_MTD_d.lib.

Sense Making

How Tos

  • Set up PdfTricks for Latex using Miktex
  • Change cross-refs in Miktex: min_crossrefs=2 in miktex.ini
  • Get CPPUnit Settings right for Visual Studio 2005 or 2008