I am a research scientist (CR) at INRIA in the AVIZ research group and affiliated with the University of Paris-Saclay. My main research interests are: information visualization, visual analytics, computer-supported cooperative work, and human-computer interaction more generally.


June 2022: Research Director
I passed the DR2 competition at Inria and will become a research director starting in October. If you are curious read about the French research positions here.
June 2022: EuroVis Posters
My PhD students Alaul Islam and Lijie Yao and our Master student Federica Bucchieri are off to Rome to present posters about their work in progress at EuroVis 2022.
May 2022: ACM CHI Paper
Alaul Islam will present our paper on Preferences and effectiveness of sleep data visualizations for smartwatches and fitness bands at ACM CHI 2022.
January 2022: ACM MobileHCI
I serve as the paper chair for the ACM Conference on Mobile Human-Computer Interaction with Jason Alexander and Bing-Yu Chen (Robin).
November 2021: Habilitation a diriger des recherches
I successfully defended my HDR (habilitation).
October 2021: Contributions at VIS
With my students and collaborators, we contribute several paper presentations to VIS this year: 1 TVCG paper and 3 VIS full papers, among them one best paper award for Perception! Immersion! Empowerment! Superpowers as Inspiration for Visualization. I will also co-teach a tutorial on how to become a successful PC member and will co-run a meetup on Gender and Diversity at IEEE VIS. Come join us there!
May 2021: Best paper runner-up at ICBC
Our ICBC'21 paper on An empirical analysis of pool hopping behavior in the Bitcoin blockchain won the best-paper runner up award. Congrats to my student Natkamon Tovanich (who is looking for a postdoc).
March 2021: VIZBI
I gave one of the keynotes of this years VIZBI conference on the intersection of HCI and visualization.
January 2021: ACM ISS
I serve as the paper chair of the ISS conference winter submission round together with Morten Fjeld.

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