Class Projects

Smaller Class Projects at the University of Calgary

A small collection of some of the projects I have done in the many classes I attended. Will need to be filled over time... (when I have time)

SDG Toolkit - SDG MindBender Game
This is a fun and challenging game I built to try out a toolkit developed for the support of multiple mice on a single computer. Go to the Project Page
InfoVis Evaluation - An Evaluation of Readability of the ArcTrees Tree Layout
This project involved a comparative study between two containment

tree layouts. The ArcTree visualization, a one-dimensional variation of the Treemap layout, is compared to the traditional slice-and-dice Treemap. The study aimed at finding differences in performance of both layouts in depicting global and local structural information of tree data. Measures of answer time and error rate performance suggest that participants solved tasks faster using the ArcTree layout visualization while maintaining about the same accuracy. Go to the Project Page

Smaller Projects at the University of Magdeburg

Writing a Raytracer
For some reason at some point I just decided to follow a couple of assignments created for writing a raytracer for the Graphics III class in Magdeburg (which I never took). I combined the raytracer with Sheelagh Carpendale's EPF lenses. For a couple of pictures on my raytracer Go to the Project Page.
Seminar Paper Multimedia Synchronisation
Diese Ausarbeitung enstand für das Seminar Multimedia-Technologie an der Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg im Sommersemester 2003. Das Seminar wurde gehalten von Prof. Dr. Jana Dittmann und Dipl.-Inf. Andreas Lang. Die Ausarbeitung entspricht dem Inhalt eines Vortrages Aspekte der Synchronisation von Medien untereinander gehalten von Daniela Mack und Petra Neumann.
Go to the Paper.
3D Studio Max
I took a course on modelling with 3D Studio Max that summer. On the project page you can see some of my assignments.
A Simple Calculator
For the second bigger assignment in our introduction to datastructures and algorithms we had to program a calculator applet. Ours shows the stacks it uses at the bottom.
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The Frühlingsfest 2000 Website
With a couple of friends I worked on the websites for the infamous Magdeburg computer science Frühlingsfest (spring festival). This wasn't really a class project, though. We just did it for fun.
(De)Cipher Applets
These are two of my first programs at university. We had to write an applet to (de)cipher text.
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