I am a research scientist (CR1) at INRIA in the AVIZ research group headed by Jean-Daniel Fekete. My main research interests are: information visualization, visual analytics, computer-supported cooperative work, and human-computer interaction more generally.


June 2014: Capstone speaker at EuroVA
I will be the capstone speaker at the European Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA). I will speak about How important is novel display technology to visualization and visual analytics?
December 2014: Teaching
I am currently teaching two courses. If you are a student you can find the class websites here: Introduction to HCI at Ecole Centrale and Introduction to Information Visualization at Paris Sud.
December 2013: Promotion
I got promoted and am now a CR1 researcher at INRIA. The promotion will be applied retroactively for all of 2013.
December 2013: UOIT and CHI PC Meeting
I visited Christopher Collin's lab at UOIT. Thanks for a great set of talks and demos. Afterwards I attended the CHI PC meeting in Toronto.
November 2013: ITS Poster Chair
I will be poster chair for The Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2014 that will be held in Dresden, Germany. Send us your best posters! :-)
November 2013: Dagstuhl Seminar
I will attend the Dagstuhl Seminar 13452 on Proxemics in Human-Computer Interaction.

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