User-Supported Interactive Illustration of Text



For this project I created an illustration server from which a client could create, adapt, and load illustrations from 3D models. These images could then be simply dropped onto a text in the text editor to illustrate the text.

The server model looked something like this:

The server loaded the chosen 3D model and rendered it. On the client side you could choose rendering parameters like viewpoint, line style, model rendering (wireframe, shaded, invisible...) to adjust the illustration. Images of the rendition were constantly sent back to the client for visual feedback.

The client side looked like this:

Drag and Drop from the server to the client text.
Two images, one photorealistic and one from the NPR server, have been added to the text.


Marcel Götze, Petra Neumann, and Tobias Isenberg (2005) User-Supported Interactive Illustration of Text. In Simulation und Visualisierung 2005 (SimVis 2005, March 3–4, 2005, Magdeburg, Germany). SCS European Publishing House, Erlangen, San Diego, pages 195–206, 2005.

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