Summer Course on 3D Studio Max

Class Assignments

Task: Arrange several objects on top of each other so that they appear to be balancing on each other. Also create a spiralling staircase. The scene cannot have more than 10.000 polygons.

I made: A floor, a column, a torus with a sun and on the outside the spiralling staircase. Total: 1798 polygons.

Task: Create at least one column as a loft-object. Use different shapes. Extra points are given if the columns are part of an antique temple. Also model swiss cheese using boolean operators that is placed on a rotation-plate. A glass of wine has to be made to make the scene a bit more cosy.

Task: Create an airplane using box modelling. Set the smoothing groups correctly. Texturize the object using several textures. Also use some light sources directly on the object.

Task: Make two spheres. Use a displacement texture or the noise-modificator to change the sphere. Also use different textures.

Task: Get to know different lighting effects. Make a scene with a volume light, a star, and some fog.

Task: Extend the cheese-scene. Make a room with a window. In the room place a table, a chair, and the cheese on a table. Light comes in through the window. Simulate radiosity lighting with a second or more light source. Aim for mostly realistic lighting.
Task: Make 3 Low-Poly Objects which only use planes and textures. Make sure you can see them well from all sides.
Task: Make a short animation. Animate several parameters of the objects,lights, and camera.
Task: Render an animation of a jumping ball. The scene needs to have a ball, a floor, light, and shadow. Make use of the squash & strech principle. Start and end-position have to be the same.
Task: Make a scene using particles flowing from a teapot. The particles have to be reflected from several different object.
Task: Use a dynamic animation to make a ball jump.
Task: Make an animation in which a camera follows a jumping ball along a non-linear path (~300 frames).
Task: Use a skeletton to make a robot hand grasp a ball (animation approx. 300 frames).
Task: Render using different material properties (phong, flat, ...). Make a still-life using at least 5 objects. Make at least one apple.
Task: Model a hand using the surface-modifier. Textures are not needed.
Task: Make 2 objects. The first is made of 2 connected spheres, the second is a torus that is connected to several smaller objects.
Task: Start making the body of a character using box-modelling an meshsmooth. Every team member should model a different part.

I modelled the lower body parts here. Uta and Marian were responsible for the upper parts.

Task: Make your modelled hand walk like in the Adams-family. Make an appropriate bone-system and animate the walking hand.
Task: Start assembling your character. Maker sure there are no holes.
Task: Animate the eyes of your character. Make them follow an object than we can use in the penguin game.
Task: Make it possible to animate your character. Create a bone-system. Use dummies to connect several bones.
Task: Animate your character.