NPR Lenses



NPR Lenses is an interactive technique for producing '''expressive non-photorealistic renderings'''. It provides an intuitive visual interaction tool for illustrators, allowing them to seamlessly apply a large variety of emphasis techniques. NPR Lenses can apply object-independent adjustments in 3D. Regions of emphasis can be easily created by adjusting lens parameters and any combination of line style, type, shape, and position of computer-generated lines. NPR Lenses support the creation of effects similar to those found in many existing hand-drawn illustrations and allow creative freedom through interactive control at the same time.


Within our NPR Lens framework several different types of effects can be created with the same interaction metaphor. Here are some examples.

Some pictures we created for the papers

Changing Line Thickness

Changing Line Colour

Showing Hidden Lines (aka Magic Lens)

Constraining Effects

Combination of Effects

Some pictures people from the lab created

(we only gave them about 15mins to learn and use the tool)



NPAR Poster


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